In the heart of London, there is a constant flow of energy, fun and excitement that is enthralling to be a part of. During your stay in London, being at the centre of life and luxury is so important, and Emerald Lifestyle can arrange this for you. If you require a short let for a number of weeks, or even wish to rent or purchase a property for several months, we can advise, support, and guide you to find the right property in partnership with 3rd parties.

If you have a specific type of requirement for a property regarding location, layout, amenities or style of décor, we will work hard to find this for you. We will update you regularly on your options, offering photographs, video tours and details of the property so that you can make a fully informed decision about your accommodation, since payment is often required by companies in advance of arrival. Therefore, we know how important it is that you are assured of acquiring the perfect space for your visit.

We have worked with international clients who have requested a rental for work purposes, others who have taken an extended vacation, and even those who have come to the UK to avail of the advanced and highly esteemed medical expertise in our hospitals. Whatever your requirement for luxury accommodation, we can make sure that it is handled with efficiency and professionalism.

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