About Us

What makes us Emerald?

We manage your lifestyle the way you want it managed.

Offering a wealth of support, guidance and assistance during your time in the UK, we like to make our approach completely personalised. It matters to us what your needs and preferences are, so that we can anticipate and meet every request. We are your own mini task force, a mobile office that can give you fully confidential and expert support through our personal assistants and all the other services we offer.

We stand out because we offer a range of different concierge services, including but not limited to male or female drivers, bodyguards and personal assistants. We are special because we present ourselves immaculately, professionally and are extremely reliable. With extensive knowledge of local roads without relying on satellite navigation, our drivers  can collect your children from school. Going that extra mile, our personal assistants will help maintain your home and garden and assure your every comfort. Working closely with clients from across the globe, we pride ourselves on a wealth of experience and understanding of varied cultures and traditions, which adds that truly personal touch.

We are different because we care.

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”

Our Services